In vacanza in Kenya? Lascia a casa il drone


Giorgio, affezionato lettore di DronEzine, ha chiesto lumi alle autorità aeronautiche del Paese africano, ricevendo una risposta inequivocabile: niente droni in Kenya, né per lavoro, né per hobby.

Da che il parlamento nazionale keniota ha respinto le regole proposte per i droni dalla locale Authority aeronautica, i droni non possono più essere importati nel Paese africano. Di seguito, pubblichiamo la lettera ufficiale del Kenya Civil Aviation Authority

Dear Giorgio,

We write in response to your email dated January 18,2019.

Following the annulment of the Civil Aviation(Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems)Regulations 2017 by the National Assembly, the Authority is not in a position to process any applications as necessary. The process of issuing Import Permit ,UAV/RPAS Operating Certificate, registration and/or Authorization to fly is hereby suspended until further notice.

The Authority wish to respond to your concern and advise as follows:

1.You CANNOT  freely bring DRONE in Kenya for recreation or otherwise until the regulations since nullified are ratified;

2.The status quo remains—The issues of limitations and/or restrictions are applicable in this regards.

Any development on the regulations will be communicated.

Best regards,

RPAS Management Office,

Directorate,Aviation Safety,Security & Regulations

Kenya Civil Aviation Authority,Head Office,


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